Rolex GMT-Master 1675 From 1966

The Rolex GMT-Master has been in production for 21 consecutive years, from 1959 until 1980. In that period, there have been a few changes to the watch, however no major changes. The hour markers are in tritium and age over time, which causes the color to change from white to beige or sometimes even brownish. Collectors appreciate it when the hours markers are nice and equally discolored to beige tones, and prices rise accordingly. This Swiss vintage Rolex GMT-Master 1675 beauty is from 1966.

Bamford Watch Department X Rolex Exclusive Special Edition

The Bamford Watch Department add two stunning new special edition Rolex Deepseas to their repertoire: the military-inspired Truehunter Deepsea and the understated and stylish all-black Predator Deepsea. The Truehunter Deepsea features the Bamford Watch Department’s signature MGT (military grade titanium) coating and orange dial highlights, as well as a rugged army-inspired green NATO strap, but can also come with the standard blackened steel strap to give further options for personalization. The stunning blacked-out Predator Deepsea features BWD’s latest super-matte non-reflective black coating and grey highlights on the hands and dial.

Vintage Rolex Explorer Watch

The Rolex Explorer is known as a ‘tool’ type watch and was specifically developed for explorers, most famously used by Sir Edmund Hillary and other members of the successful 1953 Everest Expedition, in addition to numerous expeditions after 1953.

Left to right :  model 6150 Explorer (1956) with gilt dial, and the model 1016 Explorer (1966).