Worn-Out Projects X Eat Dust Jeans Fit 73

Received some nice pics from this great worn-out Eat Dust jean from my buddy Wouter Reimert who’s working at Vif Jeans store (www.vifjeans.nl) in Rijssen, NL. The jean is from a store customer which gave the jean a hard treatment for 15 months. Let the pics speak for themself. Looking forward how the jean looks after 24 months!


  • Owner: Tim Segers from Holland
  • Brand: Eat Dust, fit 73. 13,25oz double ring Japanese indigo blue selvage denim
  • Age: 15 months
  • Treatment: One wash


Send your worn-out denim project to: info@long-john.nl

Uwe Van Afferdan Store In Düsseldorf, Germany

Last week when I was in Düsseldorf, Germany, to visit the GDS footwear fair I also went to the Uwe van Afferden store. Unfortunately Uwe or Stefanie weren’t there at the moment, but damn what a great store! It’s a candy store for people who also like their self published magazine The Heritage Post. Fully loaded with the best brands, vintage furniture and nice rare objects. This is how an authentic store looks like, big bravo Uwe and hope to see you next time. Guess this will be at the summer edition of the Bread & Butter fair in Berlin. Keep up the good work!


Madeira Drive Store In Düsseldorf, Germany

Yesterday I visited the GDS footwear fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, and bumped into Hagen Jödecke from the fantastic store Madeira Drive! Hagen had a stand on the fair where he was selling some of his best items from the store. Madeira Drive is located in an old gas station and stock an amazing collection of brands like Eat Dust, Pike Brothers, Red Wing, Dickies, Thedi belts, Stetson, Free & Easy and Lightning Magazine, etc. Behind the store he runs a repair motorcycle garage. If you are in the neighbourhood, check it for yourself!

Great impression of Madeira Drive in the movie below;


Het Werkmanspaleis Denim Store in Amsterdam (NL)

Het Werkmanspaleis is one of the oldest (maybe the oldest!) denim stores from Amsterdam. They started in 1950 as a dumpstore for military goods, but for many years they are carrying the best authentic workwear brands like Levi’s, Lee, Wrangler, Dockers, Carhartt, etc. This store is classic! When I took these pictures they were renewing the store builing, check out how creative they used the work construction with hanging it full with denims. At that time all the windows were displaying a lot of Lee Jeans items, looks a bit like an old Lee store. The store is located at the Nieuwendijk, close to Amsterdam Central Station. If you are in the city, check it for yourself!

The original opening advertising from 1950


Worn-Out Projects: Amsterdam Denim Head Derby (ADHD) Jean by Alex Jaspers (NL)

It was the year 2008 that a great project was started called ‘Amsterdam Denim Head Derby (ADHD)’. Only 30 young denim devotees were invited to be part of the first annual Amsterdam Denim Head Derby. What is a Derby? Well it’s a game, a match, a contest. The person who makes from the jean the most beautiful worn-out project will be the denim master. The jean is made a of Japanese purple selvage, 14.5oz, and handpainted leather patch. Limited to 30 pairs only.

Of the players of this competition was Alex Jaspers, a true devoted passionated denim guy from Amsterdam. Now responsible for the Scotch & Soda denim division. Check his master piece here below.


  • Owner: Alex Jaspers from Amsterdam, Holland
  • Brand: Project: Amsterdam Denim Head Derby (ADHD), Japanese purple selvage, 14.5oz
  • Age: 6 months
  • Treatment: No wash


You can check this great pair at the Hall Of Fade at Vif Jeans Store in Rijssen, NL;


Jeans Meeting by The Grivec Brothers (Marcel & Roger Grivec) From Jeanspaleis Store Kerkrade

Yesterday I went to the ‘Jeans Meeting’ from the Grivec Brothers, Marcel and Roger Grivec, from the great Jeanspaleis store in Kerkrade (NL). This meeting was part of the running branding expo from Boy Bastiaens at Centre Ceramique in Maastricht (the South of Holland). Boy is the branding expert who did amazing projects like Atelier laDurance, Pepe Jeans, Denim Demon, 14oz Store logo, Gapstar and many more…He’s also responsible for the branding from the Grivec brothers blue slogan: ‘Dry till you die’.

Marcel and Roger were asked if they could tell about their blue passion and story from the famous blue jeans, and especially about the magical dry denims. As always they did this with a lot of passion, fun and humor, so it was really nice to see these twin brothers speaking about this. They kicked-off with some denim history and after that they really came alive to promote their slogan ‘Dry till you die’. The brothers brought a part of their private blue collection to show the fully booked Centre Ceramique all the ins and outs about raw denim. I really enjoyed the meeting, you guys did a good job to spread the blue word. It was good to see you again and ‘Dry till you die’.

Introduction by Boy Bastiaens


New Online Red Wing Dealer ‘Warenmagazijn’

New at online store ’Warenmagazijn’ are the famous Red Wing boots, my personal favourite footwear brand, from the U.S.A. All handmade with the best leather available. Today I highlight the Iron Ranger 8111.

The history of this style go way back, back to the miners. The Iron Ranger boots were built with a double layer of leather over the toe to provide the miners an extra measure of safety. The heel pocket, a boot feature designed to provide extra support, was moved to the outside of the boot. This design change eliminated a seam, and provided a smooth and comfortable one-piece surface on the inside of the boot. This style is a true alltime classic and they will age very nice after using them everyday. Also nice to mention is that every pair of Red Wings are double inspected by the people in the factory when a pair is ready for shipment. See below the inspection tag.

The inspection tag

Check all their Red Wing styles here: www.warenmagazijn.nl

You can also make an appointment with ’Warenmagazijn’ to try the Red Wings:


Online Store ‘Warenmagazijn’ New Red Wing Shoes Dealer

The authentic online shop Warenmagazijn is unique with their collection, they have a wide range of different product categories from books, clothes, to kitchen and garden items. All with a great true story.Their latest new productgroup are boots from the legenary U.S.A. handmade Red Wing brand. They made a kick-off with the Iron Ranger and Oxford styles. What’s also nice to mention is that they are also going to sell real vintage Red Wing pairs! Can’t wait to see these in their shop!

Today I highlight the RW Classic Oxford work shoe. This style was inspired by the success of the iconic 875 and 877 work boots. As these boots were made as workwear, the Oxfords were for the people on the offices. With their low profile and light weight they are the perfect shoes for the office. Warenmagazijn have them in two colours: black and brown. My personal favourite is the brown one. Check them here below.

Check their Red Wing styles here: www.warenmagazijn.nl

You can also make an appointment with ’Warenmagazijn’ to try the Red Wings:


Amsterdenim Tanning Event At Vif Jeans Store Rijssen (NL)

New denim brand Amsterdenim, founded by Ben Fokkema, came with a brilliant idea months ago to make the first tanned denim jeans. Back in the days they did the same with sailing sails to make them more durable. They dipped the sails in a heated big bucket with water and crunched bark from an oak-tree. The sails got a brown tan, this procedure we call tanning. Profession wise it’s a tannery. Normally a cotton sail would last a 1.5 year and a tanned sail will last 20 years. As you probably know the first dungaree was made from sail or tent canvas. This is the connection with the past. Amsterdenim was the first with the tanned denim.

Last Saturday Ben had the great idea to do this tanning procedure at Vif Jeans in Rijssen, one of the first retailers with the Amsterdenim collection. You could bring your own denim to give it a nice tanning. Below some really great photos from the event taken by Dick Ruumpol.


Dry Denim Day At Vielgut Store Eindhoven (NL)

Tomorrow we will organise together with the denim store Vielgut in Eindhoven (NL) a ‘Dry Denim Day’. The day is meant to meet all the denimheads with their best worn-out denim project. We will have a lot of great exampes in store to show you, some fine music and drinks. Highlighted is that John Spoel from Pike Brothers will launch their new 1948 Roamer Pant in 19oz Japanese selvage fabric. And if you need a new classic haircut this day, Tom van de Wiel is your barber (from 12 o’clock). So take your blue stories with you and show them to us. Hope to see you this Blue Saturday!

Check more info about the event here:


Come And Join Today Our: Lee Jeans Store Event In Amsterdam

Hope to see you at our Lee Jeans store Amsterdam event tonight. The event is organised to celebrate our collab jackets: Tribute to Dorus Rijkers. The jackets are made with Long John X artist Joost Bohnen X Blendomatic print X Lee Jeans.

Would be great to see all the denimheads together in Wolvenstraat 8, Amsterdam. We will start at 17.00 o’ clock. See you there.

One the first collab jackets received their proud owner Ruedi Karrer from the Swiss Jeansmuseum. The StormRider jacket is Ruedi’s all time favourite! His private StormRider collection (of only this model!) contains a few hundred! Ruedi is always wearing a Rider jacket under the StormRider during the winter, so that explains why he always size up his regular size. Enjoy your jacket Ruedi, till soon!

Ruedi Karrer – Swiss Jeansmuseum

 A few limited collab jackets are still on stock, check;


Tribute To Dorus Rijkers Event At Lee Jeans Store Amsterdam

Tribute to Dorus Rijkers Event at Lee Jeans Store Amsterdam.

This upcoming Friday we celebrate our special limited edition denim jackets collaboration with artist Joost Bohnen, Lee Jeans Amsterdam store and Blendomatic Print from Eindhoven. Come and enjoy a drink with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and listen to some of the sounds Joost Bohnen will lay down on the record player.

You will be able to win one of the limited Rider 101 cut off vest and an uncut patch sheet. How? Al you have to do is, come to the event, buy an item in store, fill in the card. At the end of the day we will pull the card and inform you. The second prize is an uncut sheet with the patches that Joost will apply for you if you want.

Would be great to see all the denimheads together in Wolvenstraat 8, Amsterdam. We will start at 17.00 o’ clock. See you there.

Also possible to buy one jacket in our webstore, but don’t sleep, they are very limited. Check them here; www.long-john.nl/webshop/product-categorie/jackets

See more details from the event here;