Secret Collaboration: The Genius Monkeys X Benzak Denim (BDD) X Long John

This secret friendship The Genius Monkeys X Benzak Denim Developers (BDD) X Long John collaboration comes in a two pack: a classic t-shirt in 2 indigo yarn dyed options: deep indigo & indigo stripe. It comes with a high crew neck and small chest pocket. The jersey fabric is a 150gr/m2 mid weight fabric. The shirts are made in vila nova de famalicão, Portugal and printed in Holland in a very limited run. &

Union Spark – An American Clothing Treasure

Lately I bounced on a great new clothing treasure, called Union Spark. Union Spark is originally an American brand, founded 1925 in Georgia, U.S.A. but is since 2012 owned by the Italian company Sevenbell that is continuing the American heritage. Back in the days the brand produced t-shirts for colleges and for the U.S. Army and still today, the brand is influenced by classic Army items, in the style of Steve McQueen in ‘The Great Escape’ and Marlon Brando’s ‘The Wild One’.

Sevenbell, more famous for the brands Roy Roger’s and President’s, is for the season of Autumn/Winter 2013-14 releasing a first mini collection of Union Spark tees, mixing the touch of the 50’s with their 100% Made in Italy manufacturing. The t-shirts are made in the same way today as they were back in the days – produced on the same looms, the t-shirts looks like they would be coming straight from that era, without unnecessary ‘aging’ processes.

The amazingly authentic collection will for this first season be exclusively sold on and what is nice to mention is that you will receive 10% discount if you subscribe on their website before the launch. See the images here below and you’ll know that this is worth to have an extra look at! All in all happy to see that a historic brand like this one is still alive!

Roy Roger’s: & President’s:

Diesel Jeans: Vintage ‘Old Glory’ Items From 1992-1993

Recently I had some luck and got a great package from Arthur from Amsterdam with some old Diesel Jeans ‘Old Glory’ items. As I used to work for Diesel way back, started 19 years ago and worked their 6 years, Old Glory was something new in that time. They were the first with an authentic workwear inspired premium denim line. Made with orange selvage and costs a fortune at that time. It is the year 1992-1993 when this line was launched and I was immediatly a big fan of it. After some years Diesel had to changed their name into MaxGrade because of an old U.S.A. company with the same name. I collected a lot of this special OG line, which is the best Diesel has made so far. Below the cutt-off Nomad fit, a great t-shirt and the fourties-fifties inspired workwear elastic detail. Many thanks Arthur for this great addition for my private collection!

The Clash’s Paul Simonon Launches ‘Sailor Jerry’ Capsule Collection

The Flash Collection of Sailor Jerry is a made with style icon and musician Paul Simonon from The Clash. Simonon combined Norman Collins’ iconic flash artwork with his own signature design style to create four limited edition pieces – a leather jacket, two t-shirts and a bandana. Check out the great items here below.

The Story Behind The Breton Stripe

The Breton Stripe was first introduced by French law in 1858 to locate overboard sailors. The original design had 21 stripes, one for each of Napoleons’ victories. The “mariniere” has been worn by icons over decades, such as James Dean and Coco Chanel.

K.O.I (Kings Of Indigo) Jeans brings their Breton Stripe classic for men and women as they also love the water.