Backyard Bill Photography by Bill Gentle

Very nice photography from a man called Bill Gentle. He started in June 2008 and began to photograph friends and people that he would meet around his home in Brooklyn, NY. Bill wanted to record interesting people, show their style, and check out what trends were developing. Capture the ways in which people adapt to the cultural influences around them. Inspiring pictures, below a selection. Check out his website for yourself! Keep on going Bill!

Ouwe Paparazzi: Denim Photography Project with Dave Edwards aka. Mister Ed

New denim photography project by Michael van Hal (Ouwe Paparazzi). As Michael likes the inspiring photographers The Sartorialist, Backyard Bill and the Streetsnaps from Hypebeast he came up with the idea to make a photoshoot based on denim. With the help of Dave Edwards (owner Mister Ed and former Levi’s colleague from Michael) the first issue of a to be continued project is a fact. The photos are shot in the harbor city Rotterdam (NL). Great project, looking forward to the next one!