The Wild One Film From 1953

The Wild One is an American film directed by László Benedek and produced by Stanley Kramer. The film was produced in 1953 and something really outstanding, something different. It was the same period that the legendary Rock & Roll music era started. 

The main character of the film, Johnny Strabler, played by Marlon Brando, became a true cult hero in the 1950′s. The Wild One film is the original outlaw biker film. Marlon Brando’s outfit in the film became very popular amongst the youth; biker jacket, white t-shirt, jeans and boots. This is still the ultimate denim outfit for the original denimhead. The Wild One is a cultural classic and a statement for the denim industry.

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Denham Jeans Presents: ‘The Truth is in the Details’ Film


Denham Jeans just launched again a killer of a new short film called: ‘The Truth is in the Details’. This time founder of the Denham Jeans brand, Jason Denham, is leading in the film. He’s tells and shows all about making a good pair of jeans. Jason is dedicated his life to craft the perfect jeans. The film contains really cool shots and music. It gives you the perfect denim feeling. This new film is again a high level production and a true delight to watch. Bravo!

Weaving Shibusa Film by Devin Leisher, Erik Motta & Mehdi Ahmadi

Weaving Shibusa is the story of Japanese craftsmanship and dedication, shown through their love and fascination of denim. This film will show you the mysterious and insight into the Japanese denim industry. The film contains vintage denim experts, the legendary “Osaka 5” group (which were responsible for Japan’s denim revival) and also passionate innovators from several high-end denim brands. The Weaving Shibua film is made by Devin Leisher, Erik Motta, and Mehdi Ahmadi.

Self-Edge will kick-off with screening the film in San Francisco’s Castro Theater on August 6th – 2016. If you’re in the neighborhood you should check it out!

Check the teasers from Weaving Shibusa

Levi’s Jeans Presents: Episode 4 – Japan From 501 Documentary

After the first 3 episodes (Work – Style – Rebellion) of the Levi’s Jeans501 docu they just launched their latest: Episode 4 – Japan. Japan explores the denim culture Levi’s Jeans generated beyond it’s homeland, a passion particular to Japan. This chapter tells the story of the Levi’s Jeans arrival in Japan in the 1950′s after WW2, the vintage denim explosion that culminated in the 1990′s and how Japan’s take on Americana is now globally influential. One of the best chapters in the whole Levis Jeans – 501 docu, check it now!

If you missed the first 3 episodes of the Levi’s Jeans - 501 docu:

R.I.P. Bobby Garnett – Bobby From Boston

One of the vintage clothing kings passed away, Bobby Garnett a.k.a. Bobby from Boston. Bobby had an extremely cool vintage store filled with the most beautiful suits, army stuff, boots, dresses, sport items, workwear and jeans. A lot of famous clothing designers always shopped at Bobby’s to buy inspiration items to create their new collections. Check an interview with Bobby here below. R.I.P. Bobby!

Blue Lab – Amsterdam Denim Days – April 2016

Blue Lab is part of the Denim City in Amsterdam. Blue Lab is an unique collaboration between industry’s leading mills, laundries, chemists, engineers, suppliers and producers. It brings laundry and finishing for design team’s and students. Blue Lab will offer opportunities to train craftspeople and educate professionals, to test and improve new technologies and solutions, to bring ideas to trial. Check here a nice overview video from Blue Lab during the Amsterdam Denim Days from last April.

Denham Jeans X Candiani Mill Spring Summer ’17 Collection Presentation

Recently Denham Jeans gave a Spring Summer ’17 collection presentation for their retailers at the Candiani Denim mills in Italy. Dutch magazine Jeans Cult made a short movie about this trip to give you an insight into this unique presentation which they did on a very cool way surrounded by piles of cotton. Check it here below. &

Inside the Vault – The Methodology of Levi’s Vintage Clothing (LVC)

My friends from the denim platform Heddels just released their latest video: ‘Inside the Vault – The Methodology of Levi’s Vintage Clothing (LVC)’. For their new video they went to the holy grail, the Levi’s Jeans HQ in San Francisco. The Levi’s archives in San Francisco contains thousands of items from the brand’s nearly 150 year history including jeans and apparel, marketing materials, textile samples, packaging, promotional items, and much more. The current LVC Spring Summer ’16 line takes inspiration from the Levi’s company baseball team, “Elesco”. Elesco games date back to 1886, and Senior Designer Paul O’Neill based this collection upon a single photo of the company team from 1913. In the video you can see Paul and Levi’s Jeans archivist Anastasia Fink talking about the Elesco collection and their extremely old vintage miner pants from their archive. Thanks guys for giving us an insight into the Levi’s vault. Great video! Enjoy.

Jean School Trip To Italy

jean school house of denim long john blog eductation

The first year students from the Amsterdam based Jean School went to Italy to finish their garments for the G-star 3301 restyle project. They went to the Candiani mill to see where their fabric for this project came from, and for the finishing of their garments they went to Elleti. Here is the first part of their after movie. Good luck with your projects, looking forward to see the results!

Levi’s Jeans Presents The 501 Jean Docu: Stories of an Original

Levi’s Jeans launched a short docu from their beloved 501 jeans. The docu is called ’The 501 Jean: Stories of an Original’. The 501 docu contains 3 episodes to celebrate the most iconic jeans ever made. The 501 jeans is also known as the ’mother of all jeans’. Everybody can tell his own story about her of his first experience with this classic fit.  The documentary was narrated by Ramblin Jack Elliott and includes interviews with Henry Rollins, John Baldessari, Erin Wasson, Gary Burden, Andy Spade, Mark McNairy, Eddie Huang, Steven Alan, Jim Walrod, Kim Hastreiter, Mel Ottenberg, Scott Schuman, Lee Ranaldo, Darren Romanelli, Greg Chapman, Hal Fischer, Rachel Wang, etc.

levis jeans 501 docu long john blog fit model celebration live in levis blue indigo usa 2016

The episode from ‘The 501 Jean: Stories of an Original’ are:

Episode 1) The 501 goes to work; this episode shows the start of the miners jeans to cowboys and workers.

Episode 2) Style; this episode is about how the Hollywood stars adopt the workwear pants which became very popular among youth.

Episode 3) Rebellion; the final episode is about the biker MC clubs, hippies, skaters, music scene, etc.

The 501 is the classic jean fit for everybody, everyone and for every occasion. You can never go wrong in a pair of Levi’s Jeans. Enjoy the docu, viva 501!

Denim Dudes by Denim Expert Amy Leverton

denim dudes amy leverton long john blog denim jeans video film

Denim expert Amy Leverton, known of her street-style denim inspiration book ‘Denim Dudes’ with 80 blue influencers in the denim industry, launched again new video’s from some cool Denim Dudes. Check them out here below. Keep it up Amy!

David Himel of Himel Brothers Leather, shot at Pier 94, New York.

Alex Verier of Haeckels, shot at Pier 94, New York.

Tanden Launder, founder of Thrux Lawrence, shot at Pier 94, New York.

Shogo Koike of Clutch magazine, Japan. Shot at Pier 94, New York.

Chelito Villaflor of David Pirrotta Brands, shot at Pier 94, New York.

David Shuck, Managing Editor, Heddels, shot at Pier 94, New York.

Bahzad Trinos Sales Director, Naked & Famous shot at Pier 94., New York.

Japan Blue Jeans Explains Why Japanese Denim Has to Be Handmade

Some of the best jeans in the world are crafted in Kojima – Japan, a seaside district of Kurashiki, Okayama province. Widely known as Japan’s “denim capital” Kojima has long been the textile mecca of the country and is where jeans were first produced in Japan. Amongst the cluster of denim manufacturers in the area, the brand ‘Japan Blue’ has separated itself with loyal followers through it’s quality in production. In their words: “We spend most of our time developing and creating the material, because that’s the essential element to quality denim” says Hiroki Kishimoto, longtime designer and founder of Japan Blue Jeans.

Jean School in Denim City Amsterdam

In 2012, the doors of the first and only Jean School in the world opened in Amsterdam. An education during which young, creative and driven people will learn the craftsmanship of denim design and development. This education literally provides them with job opportunities all over the world. Hear more of this unique education in the video here below. (sorry only Dutch language)

Sly Guild Selvedge Denim Film

Sly Guild is a brand founded by the three Konik brothers James, Blair and Chad out of Auckland New Zealand. The boys take a raw laid back, conceptual approach to a lifestyle around everyday streetwear. Their short film is a little behind the scenes edit on their 11.7oz raw selvedge denim – ‘Rest Pant’ being crafted in Auckland, New Zealand. Enjoy the making of!

How To Make A Pair of Endrime Selvage Jeans by Mohsin Sajid

Creative director and founder of Endrime Jeans Mohsin Sajid just uploaded a nice video of him teaching the Fashion BA students of Ravensbourn how to make a pair of selvage jeans. In the video Mohsin shows his huge passion and knowledge about denim. Mohsin is a very creative and true craftsman. Enjoy the video and go check out his brand as well! Well done mate!

Meet Denim Maker Mick Keus

In the middle of the centre of Amsterdam ‘Mick Keus’ is running his up-cycling denim atelier. Mick believes that the Levi’s 501 is the prefect base for every fit. That’s why he uses old 501′s as a pattern to create the perfect custom made jeans. In every personal made jeans he puts the wishes of his clients. American pride with a Dutch touch. Meet denim maker Mick Keus.

Hiut Denim Company

Hiut Denim Company jeans are made by the Grandmasters of their company. When the music is loud and the coffee is strong, the Grandmasters can only make 100 pairs of Hiut’s a week. But at the end of the day, they are there to try and make the best jeans they can and not the most jeans they can.

Hiut Denim Company is based in Cardigan – UK, a small town of 4,000 people. 400 of them used to make jeans. They made 35,000 pairs a week for three decades. Then one day the factory closed. It left town. But all that skill and knowhow remained. Without any way of showing the world what they could do. That’s why Hiut have started The Hiut Denim Company. To bring manufacturing back home. Meet the Grandmasters of Hiut Denim in this production film.