Jeans In Progress Docu: Paul Kruize – Maker of Bespoke Jeans

Paul Kruize from Holland is an one man, one machine denim maker company. He makes jeans for everybody personal by taking the right measurements of your body so the jean will finally fits like a glove. This is a really unique process and not common when someone makes every time a new pattern. It’s really labour intensive. You can choose your favorite fit, spare parts like buttons, rivets and thread and of course your favourite fabric. I know he’s using high quality like Japanese and American fabrics. So finally you will get your dream pair of denim. Very cool!

Paul made a mini documentary with Richard Bussink. The entire making process from taking measurements, drafting a pattern, cutting the denim to making the jeans, shown in one continuous flow. So relax and check out this true craftsman. Nice one Paul, well done!

Dennis Hopper In The Cult Movie ‘The American Dreamer’

The classic cult movie ‘The American Dreamer’ with Dennis Hopper from 1971 has a great soundtrack. But what’s even better is the great hard to find collectors item official poster of this movie. The poster was added as a secret in the sleeve of the vinyl record. What’s really great to see on the poster is that Dennis is wearing a original Lee Jeans Rider jacket. Both the sleeve as the poster photography is extremely cool! Joost Bohnen from Lee Jeans is the proud owner from this record.