Meet Denim Maker Mick Keus

In the middle of the centre of Amsterdam ‘Mick Keus’ is running his up-cycling denim atelier. Mick believes that the Levi’s 501 is the prefect base for every fit. That’s why he uses old 501′s as a pattern to create the perfect custom made jeans. In every personal made jeans he puts the wishes of his clients. American pride with a Dutch touch. Meet denim maker Mick Keus.

Hiut Denim Company

Hiut Denim Company jeans are made by the Grandmasters of their company. When the music is loud and the coffee is strong, the Grandmasters can only make 100 pairs of Hiut’s a week. But at the end of the day, they are there to try and make the best jeans they can and not the most jeans they can.

Hiut Denim Company is based in Cardigan – UK, a small town of 4,000 people. 400 of them used to make jeans. They made 35,000 pairs a week for three decades. Then one day the factory closed. It left town. But all that skill and knowhow remained. Without any way of showing the world what they could do. That’s why Hiut have started The Hiut Denim Company. To bring manufacturing back home. Meet the Grandmasters of Hiut Denim in this production film.

Dawson Denim Workshop Film

Dawson Denim from Birghton – UK started with their denim brand with vintage motoring as their inspiration. It all began with a 1957 BSA Bantam motorbike. It was this motorbike that would combine their passion for design and their love of denim, this would inspire their branding. The Dawson Denim range began with workwear aprons. These were inspired by original aprons used up until the 1960’s. They have expanded their range slowly since 2012 with jackets, jeans and bags. Take a look into their workshop where they make their handmade blue indigo goods in the short film here below.

dawson denim uk long john blog jeans selvage handmade 5 pocket rigid unwashed ongewassen blue indigo raw bikers bikes atelier chain stitch buttons rivet rivets waistband classic fit authentic hand made

Dawson Denim - Kelly Dawson & Scott Ogden

Hartford Denim Company (Hardenco)

Hartford Denim Company (HARDENCO) is a high-end workwear manufacturer founded by Luke Davis, Marshall Deming, and Dave Marcoux. They founded the brand in 2010 and all their products are made by hand on antique sewing machines in Hartford, Connecticut. Connecticut is a city with a prominent place in America’s rich manufacturing history. Their thread, hardware and most of their denim is made in America, but they also use Japanese denim fabrics. Meet the guys in the video: ”We are jeans makers”.

Orta Anadolu Denim Academy

Great denim academy production video from Orta Anadolu. Orta is founded in 1953, and transformed from a spinning and weaving company to a denim manufacturer in 1985. Today, Orta produces over 60 million meters of denim in it’s Turkey and Bahrain factories. The video shows all the different production stages to make denim. Enjoy!

Levi’s Strauss Documentary

I came acorss this nice Levi’s Jeans documentary. The docu shows the total story about the legendary U.S. denim brand. And it shows some of the oldest pairs from their archive. It’s a kind of an ode to the mother of all jeans. The proud of America. From miners to a fashion item. They end the docu with a great line: ”There will be always blue jeans”. Relax and enjoy! Viva Levi Strauss!

Blue Movie by Edwin Jeans

Edwin Jeans made a great movie to show on a different ‘art way’ the beauty of the production process to make a pair of jeans from cotton till jeans. The movie is influenced by the liquid light shows of the 1960′s avant garde music scene and the pioneering special effects work of Douglas Trumbull. The ’Blue Movie’ is simply an allegorical ode to Indigofera Tinctoria and the colour which embodies and defines the Edwin Jeans brand. Experimentally shots using indigo suspended in various solutions and a variety of camera and lens configurations. Very nice work guys! Check the movie here below.

blue movie long john blog edwin jeans japan indigo indigofera production jeans denim texture fabric 3x1 dip dipped weaving proces cotton balls factory art  (1) blue movie long john blog edwin jeans japan indigo indigofera production jeans denim texture fabric 3x1 dip dipped weaving proces cotton balls factory art  (2) blue movie long john blog edwin jeans japan indigo indigofera production jeans denim texture fabric 3x1 dip dipped weaving proces cotton balls factory art  (3)

Interview With Denim Legend: Francois Girbaud

Interesting interview with one of the denim legends Francois Girbaud and founder of the Kingpins denim fabric fair Andrew Olah. In the interview Francois is talking about jeans, indigo, the production but the most important is his vision on future production, new methods of making vintage washings, save water and use more new techniques like laser and ozon. Check it out it’s really interesting and the future. The future of denim will be more sustainable. Enjoy!

Meet Antonio di Battista – Blue Blanket Jeans

Meet my denim friend Antonio di Battista from Italy. Antonio is a denim designer and denim collector. His collection is an extremely huge and rare with over 3.000 original vintage pieces. Besides that he also has his own denim brand called Blue Blanket ( Check out the video where he explains more about his denim expo which was part of Denim Boulevard 2014 in Milan – Italy. Hope to see you soon again Antonio!

Sarva: Made In Sweden Jeans

Sarva is a Swedish brand which is specialised in functional outdoor and made in Sweden jeans. Sami people are nomads, spending 365 days a year outdoors. To do that you need proper equipment that can withstand hard conditions and extreme weather. With this in mind they created Sarva – Functional outdoor. Wind and waterproof garments that keep you both warm and dry and at the same time looks good. They have been working very close with their family and relatives with these products to get everything right: details, function and durability.

In the late 70′s all Swedish factories had to close down due to cheaper competition overseas. Sarva found one small factory that has kept their machines and knowledge from the glory days of Swedish textile production. So now they can offer you jeans that is manufactured in their home country. Check here below the making of a pair of Sarva selvage jeans.

The Denim Lab From Levi’s Jeans San Francisco

Mr Porter made a video about The Denim Lab from Levi’s Jeans in San Francisco. They visited the jean master Mr Jonathan Cheung, senior vice president of design at the 162 year old U.S.A. brand. In the denim lab the latest Levi’s creation was born, the re-make of the classic 501 called the 501 CT. CT stands for Customized Tapered, and that is what the new fit does, it has the authentic old school 501 block and tapered narrow legs. Check out in the video the ultimate denim experience lab. It’s a true small denim heaven factory for every denim designer. Thanks Mr Porter ( for giving us an insight in the laboratory of the worlds oldest denim brand. Enjoy!