The Pepe Miner Jeans Saga Continues…

Yesterday I received an email about the two previous Pepe ‘Miner’ Jeans posts. This time from Trevor Lough, Trevor was 12 years the art director at Pepe Jeans. He still also owns the jacket after all these years. It’s now 16 years old and never washed yet! Through all the years of hard wearing the jacket got some characteristic damages; the neck label is destroyed, a massive cigarette burned in the cuff and it also has a small flick-knife slash in one of the front plackets.

All in all it’s so great that a lot of people are digging in their private denim collection to show their classic Pepe Miner Jeans item with pride! Thanks a lot for sharing Trevor, Cheers! Who’s next?

Trevor Lough pepe jeans miner jacket 1998 16 years old still inwashed long john blog denim blue rigid raw selvage selvedge sea colour buttons uk london worn-out vintage miner fabric japanese (2)

Latest Vintage Found: Levi’s ‘Big E’ Type 3 Trucker Jacket

My latest vintage catch is this Levi’s Jeans ‘Big E’ type 3 trucker jacket from 1968 – 1969. What I personally like about this jacket is that it has a kind of virgin look, bright and clean! As I have several vintage denim ‘Big E’ jackets this one immediatly catch my eyes with his authentic canvas look. The jacket has the number 524 buttons which correspondence with the year 1968 -1969. The pre-owner told me that he purchased the jacket in The Hague (NL) during his youth. Probably this was his favourite jacket which he had for a very long time. He added his name inside at the back of the famous flap pocket. Now it was time to clean up his closet and wanted to give the jacket a new life by a new owner. Glad that I had the opportunity to add this beauty in my private collection.

Dumluck: Handmade Denim Items From Old Deadstock Fabrics

Sometimes you bump into something really special, something unique and different. Last week I discovered the new label Dumluck. Dumluck has a great philosophy: ”While mass production is taking over the world, we prefer to make smaller quantities for a smaller group of denim enthusiasts”. How do they do this? They buy old deadstock denim fabrics from the best mills worldwide and make special jeans and jackets on order. You will give your size and they will make by hand the jean with the fabric they got their hands on.

This week I received a great present from the Dumluck crew, a jacket called Mr. Jaquette. It’s a handmade slightly slim fit denim jacket finished with silver bras metal rivets and buttons, made out of a nice 14oz left hand Japanese plain selvage denim from Kaihara Mills. The jacket has also two chest flap pockets. All the Dumluck products are made in a little atelier in Amsterdam on vintage machines. Give them a few days to make, pack and ship your order.

All in all a perfect product for a really good price, good fit and amazing deadstock fabric! They really make denim garments for the true blue believers! Many thanks for this super nice jacket, it’s ready for breaking them in! Check it for yourself.

The making of my Mr. Jaquette jacket

Vintage Levi’s ‘Big E’ Jeans Trucker Type III Jacket

Ebay is the perfect place to catch nice vintage denim items. Today I came across this Levi’s Jeans jacket, Big E tab from the late sixties. The former owner was a Harley Davidson biker, he patched up his whole jacket. Nice one. For sale at Ebay.

Check the jacket here on Ebay:

Free Lee Jeans Alaska Scarf With Every Denim Collab Jacket Order

The first orders of our limited collab denim jacket will get a free Lee Jeans Alaska lining scarf with their order. Be quick as they are made in real limited quantities! Available in our webshop.

The ‘Tribute to Dorus Rijkers’ collab jacket (StormRider & sleeveless Rider)

Lee Jeans Alaska lining scarf

Blue Blanket J03 Denim Jacket

This week I received a great early X-mas gift from my Italian Blue Blanket Jeans friends. It’s their new J03 denim jacket which has a lot of great authentic features;

  • Japanese selvage pure indigo denim 13oz
  • Selvage front pocket
  • Shuttle loom care label made in Japan
  • Fish eye buttons in real corozo

The fit of the jacket is amazing, also the really dark indigo colour. The jacket is made 100% in Italy, pure craftsmanship. That founder of the brand Antonio di Battista knows how to make a classic jacket is not so strange, he owns one of the biggest denim collections full of rare vintage items. All the inspiration from his private collection ends up in his own brand, go check his amazing brand!. Many thanks for the great jacket Antonio, keep up the good work!

Come And Join Today Our: Lee Jeans Store Event In Amsterdam

Hope to see you at our Lee Jeans store Amsterdam event tonight. The event is organised to celebrate our collab jackets: Tribute to Dorus Rijkers. The jackets are made with Long John X artist Joost Bohnen X Blendomatic print X Lee Jeans.

Would be great to see all the denimheads together in Wolvenstraat 8, Amsterdam. We will start at 17.00 o’ clock. See you there.

One the first collab jackets received their proud owner Ruedi Karrer from the Swiss Jeansmuseum. The StormRider jacket is Ruedi’s all time favourite! His private StormRider collection (of only this model!) contains a few hundred! Ruedi is always wearing a Rider jacket under the StormRider during the winter, so that explains why he always size up his regular size. Enjoy your jacket Ruedi, till soon!

Ruedi Karrer – Swiss Jeansmuseum

 A few limited collab jackets are still on stock, check;