Natural Indigo Sofa Collab by Stephen Kenn X Simon Miller

Stephen Kenn and Simon Miller hooked up together to create this beautiful indigo canvas sofa. They created this master piece as a mutual appreciation for the culture of denim, this collaborative project draws from their love of aged copper and the rich hues found within natural indigo dyed cotton canvas. This sofa is inspired by a pair of jeans. Check the belts at the back of the sofa, really nice!

FabriekNL Waalwijk

Yesterday I went to Waalwijk, a small village in Holland famous of the shoe industry, to visit the super shop FabriekNL from Mathijs. It’s always feeling like a little boy in a candy shop when you visit him. More than 5.000 square meters of the most incredible cool vintage furniture. If you are looking for some rare pieces, he’s the man!

It was nice to see you again Mathijs! Keep in touch.