New Online Red Wing Dealer ‘Warenmagazijn’

New at online store ’Warenmagazijn’ are the famous Red Wing boots, my personal favourite footwear brand, from the U.S.A. All handmade with the best leather available. Today I highlight the Iron Ranger 8111.

The history of this style go way back, back to the miners. The Iron Ranger boots were built with a double layer of leather over the toe to provide the miners an extra measure of safety. The heel pocket, a boot feature designed to provide extra support, was moved to the outside of the boot. This design change eliminated a seam, and provided a smooth and comfortable one-piece surface on the inside of the boot. This style is a true alltime classic and they will age very nice after using them everyday. Also nice to mention is that every pair of Red Wings are double inspected by the people in the factory when a pair is ready for shipment. See below the inspection tag.

The inspection tag

Check all their Red Wing styles here:

You can also make an appointment with ’Warenmagazijn’ to try the Red Wings:

Online Store ‘Warenmagazijn’ New Red Wing Shoes Dealer

The authentic online shop Warenmagazijn is unique with their collection, they have a wide range of different product categories from books, clothes, to kitchen and garden items. All with a great true story.Their latest new productgroup are boots from the legenary U.S.A. handmade Red Wing brand. They made a kick-off with the Iron Ranger and Oxford styles. What’s also nice to mention is that they are also going to sell real vintage Red Wing pairs! Can’t wait to see these in their shop!

Today I highlight the RW Classic Oxford work shoe. This style was inspired by the success of the iconic 875 and 877 work boots. As these boots were made as workwear, the Oxfords were for the people on the offices. With their low profile and light weight they are the perfect shoes for the office. Warenmagazijn have them in two colours: black and brown. My personal favourite is the brown one. Check them here below.

Check their Red Wing styles here:

You can also make an appointment with ’Warenmagazijn’ to try the Red Wings:

Red Wing Natural Indigo Boots by Tenue de Nimes Store Amsterdam (NL)

The guys from the great Amsterdam denim store Tenue de Nimes made something exclusive for their 5th anniversary, a natural indigo dipped Red Wing boot. The boots are indigo dyed in Japan and are made in limited 50 quantities. Congrats guys, boot looks brilliant! The specifics are;

• Made in USA / Dyed in Japan • Limited to 50 pairs • US sizing • Classic Moc style • Indigo Dyed Abilene suede leather (Rough-Out) • Traction Tred Cushion Crepe Wedge sole • Width E

Part 2: ‘Lee Jeans Survival Weekend’ Supported by Wolverine 1.000 Mile & Long John

Last week Part 1 of the ‘Lee Jeans Survival Weekend’ was already published. The article received a lot of positive reactions and questions how the rest of the weekend was. Everybody was curious how the group ended up with their jeans and boots. Today we go further with the report in Part 2, the final. This article is made by Paul Travi (Rawr Denim blog) as a write-up for Long John. Many thanks Paul!


The second day started with a serie of rope exercises, including zipline, a crash  makeshift knots course and river crossing using just a rope and the newly acquired knot knowledge. Lots of sweat and fun. But the best was saved for the last. A mock rescue to a “wounded” Pol crossing a deep swamp and then a long walk right through a river, tested the hardness of the Wolverines and the resistance of Lee Jeans. Both brands passed the test with high scores. Back in the campsite, everybody jumped in to the river to wash in an old fashion way their beloved Lee’s. They behaved like it should be.

After that, a well deserved BBQ and a few beers brought back the lost energy to the crew; all around a cossy campfire. Many laughs and storys were heard and told, a perfect tough weekend.

Enjoy the second and final photo report from this amazing survival weekend.

Check also Part 1 here:

Lee Jeans Survival Weekend supported by Wolverine & Long John &

Lee Jeans Survival Weekend Supported by Wolverine 1.000 Mile & Long John

This article is the second write-up from Paul Travi (Rawr Denim Blog) for Long John. Paul made a great report about the first day of the ‘Lee Jeans Survival Weekend’. Many thanks buddy for your effort!

This article (and that weekend) is dedicated to Martijn van der Vecht. A Great guy and best son.


Last weekend it took place in the belgian zone of Ardennes, one of the  toughest denim events ever made, the “Lee Jeans Dry Denim Survival Weekend”. Lee Jeans, Wolverine Boots and the denim platform Long John, organized one of the hardest tests that a pair of jeans can be exposed to.

A diverse group of  8 denim-heads were chosen to carry a new crispy pair of  Lee 101S, a brand new pair of Wolverine 1.000 Mile and all the courage they could gather through a weekend full of ordeals that took them, together with their garments, right to the edge. Pol Houtkamp (Lee Jeans), Martijn van der Vecht (De Rode Winkel), Bart Spanjersberg (Daily Rush), Paul Travi (, Wouter Reimert (VIF Jeans), Ruben Donker(De Garage), Ike Straatman (De Garage) and Geert-Jan Renzen (De Concept Salon)completed the happy crew.

The first day started with a navigation and sense of location test. A search of a final gathering point; after trekking several kilometers through woods, hills and mud. Once there, a tough ordeal was waiting. Find and fix your own food, this test wasn’t for the faint-hearted. Learn how to start a fire using old techniques and build a precarious shelter, solely for the purposes to keep yourself warm and also to cook your meal, was the next step the crew had to confront. Organization and priorities were to be attained, a truly teamwork was on need.

When the hard job was done and everybody was thinking to finally get some rest, the whole crew was taken to learn the last survival technique of that indigestible day. They were left kilometers away from the campsite, with just the help of a compass to take them back to the longed idea of a restful sleep. Through out claustrophobic corn fields, dense forests and impassable glens, the crew finally founded their way back “home”.

Enjoy the photo report Part 1. &

To be continued…Part 2 will follow soon!

Lee Jeans Survival Weekend (Supported by Wolverine 1.000 Mile & Long John)

Just a few more days and then we are going into the woods with a small group of fanatic and passionated denim people. One weekend back to basic in our Lee Jeans and Wolverine boots. During this weekend we will have to hunt for our food, crossing rivers, climbing mountains and making our own sleepingplace for the night. All to see the magic fading process of our denim. Next to that the weekend is ofcourse about denim stories and sharing the same blue passion. Upcoming weekend it is: Lee Jeans Survival Weekend! After this weekend we will share all our great blue survival stories!

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Onitsuka Tiger X Mita Sneakers Panda Shoe

Giant pandas Ri Ri and Shin Shin are the inspiration for a limited-edition collaboration between Japanese lifestyle brand Onitsuka Tiger and Tokyo‘s famed Mita Sneakers store. The bamboo-eating carnivores, whose names emphasis vitality and innocence, are national icons in Japan. Originating from China, giant pandas are symbols of peace revered for their spiritual qualities and ability to ward off evil spirits. Their black and white fur is believed to represent harmony between two opposing Yin and Yang forces.

Onitsuka Tiger was established in Japan in 1949 and has since created footwear and clothing inspired by Japanese values of craftsmanship and attention to detail. The shoe is made in a limited run and only available in some selected stores. Great concept to link an authentic brand to a national Japanese icon!