New Denim Book: Denim Style by Horst A. Friedrichs

Prestel Publisher is coming with a new denim book: Denim Style made by potographer Horst A. Friedrichs. The theme of the book is the contemporary denim style. Horst A. Friedrichs has scoured the streets of London looking for the most interesting and exciting examples of denim fashion. This book takes in all aspects of the thriving denim culture, whose followers can be obsessive about how the denim is woven, the old shuttle looms that produce it, the people who weave it, and the skills and techniques they have and use. The book is coming by the end of this month. Looking forward to it!

Denim Style book jeans 2014 prestel publisher Horst A. Friedrichs long john blog icons coffee table book blue rigid selvage authentic inspiration april new uk london denim scene street photography shuttle loom  (2)

Denim Style book jeans 2014 prestel publisher Horst A. Friedrichs long john blog icons coffee table book blue rigid selvage authentic inspiration april new uk london denim scene street photography shuttle l

Check the short promo documentary for the book;

Levi’s Denim Art Contest Catalogue From 1974

The early 1970′s were all about decorating your favorite jeans and denim jackets, to make these pieces truly yours and a reflection of your personality and your art. In 1973, Levi’s Jeans decided to have fun with this concept and launched the “Levi’s Denim Art Contest.” Consumers were invited to send slides of their patched, customized, embroidered and otherwise embellished Levi’s jeans and jackets.

Publisher Squarebooks published a small book in 1974 with all the winners. The jeans, jackets, and shirts went on display at museums all over the United States. For years I own a copy of this nice hard to find book, below some images of the winners.

Viberg Boot: The Country Derby Boot

The Country Derby Boot from Viberg is based on a traditional British hunting boot and features an interlocking eyestay and 360 degree vamp for increased waterproofing.  This version is made in Horween’s Waxed Flesh which is a full grain leather similar to Chromexcel, except that the flesh, or suede side of the leather is treated with a heavy wax coating.  This is a nod to roughout military boots which soldiers would traditionally wax themselves.  With heavy wear the wax will begin to come off and some of the nap of the suede will be restored.

Levi’s Jeans Book: The Shrink To Fit Business by Ed Gray

Some while ago I bought this Levi’s Jeans book ‘The Shrink to fit business’ written by Ed Gray in 1978. This book tells the history and the success of this huge denim brand. One great story out of the book is from a women who wrote a letter to Levi’s to thank them for their great quality. She wrote: ”We found a man who had run his car off the highway and was stuck. Had no chains or rope…but found a pair of Levi’s Jeans in the back of the car and tied one leg to our car and one to the front of his. We really had to pull, but the pants held, and out he came”. This is one of the best stories which tell the durability from your product!

This copy is also signed by the writer of the book in October 1978. What’s also nice to mention is that the cover had a ‘BIG E’ red tab, strange because the book was written in 1978, and Levi’s made the ‘BIG E’ tab only till 1971.

Inspiration Event Vol.5 by Rin Tanaka (My Freedamn Books)

The great Rin Tanaka (original from Japan) will organise his 5th volume of his Inspiration Event this upcoming February in L.A. California. The theme is But, I like it! Sounds good. As from the first edition of his self published books My Freedamn in 2003 I was immediatly a fan of his work. In my opinion his books are one the best available in the market. Nowadays true collector items. Thanks for your invitation Rin! Always nice to hear from you. Keep up the good work.

Rin Tanaka & Me (photo is taken last year) &

Men’s File Archive Book: Vintage Girls

I received a really nice X-mas gift from Guido Biondi from Roy Roger’s Italy, the latest Men’s File Archive book. As always the book comes with a great gift, this time a Roy Roger’s denim pocket wallet.

Men’s File Archive is a series of books edited for publication by the photographer and founder of Men’s File Magazine, Nick Clements. Vintage Girls is the last volume published of this collection. The photographs that often seem to have been shot in the ambience of the last century, feature models wearing vintage clothes – sometimes careful reproductions of vintage garments, other times original pieces from the epoch itself. Roy Roger’s, the oldest denim brand in Italy, has been part of the creation of this book by providing with garments and reproductions of the original 70’s models taken from the company archive.

Nick did a really nice job as always! Many thanks for this great book Guido! Keep in touch! Enjoy the images below which will take you back in the time. &

Levi’s 506XX Denim Jacket

These two great Levi’s 506XX denim jackets, also known as the type 1 jacket, are from the early 1940′s and are customized by the pre-owners. Both jackets are taken from the amazing My Freedamn books from Rin Tanaka from Japan. To be more specific, the book: The King of Vintage volume 1. This book is completely sold out and a rare must have for denim people. The jackets are both true pieces of art! &

Book: Vissers Truien (Fishermen Sweaters) by Stella Ruhe

Recently I bought this great new book ‘Visser Truien’ (Dutch) by Stella Ruhe, translation in English is Fishermen Sweaters. The book describes all the different sweaters from 40 old fisher villages in Holland. Back in the days every village had their own sweater with their own patern on it. The women made these while the men were on sea. You could recognize the home village of every fisherman with his sweater. The book feature all the different paterns from all the Dutch fishermen sweats, and ofcourse a lot of great authentic stories. This is one of those great stories: When a fishermen died at sea because of a shipwreck they could recognize his village of origin with his sweater, so they know where to transported the body. If the family doens’t had enough money for the funeral they used the golden earrings from the fishermen to pay the bills.

Great pictures and nice stories. They also publised the book in English. Check below some impressions of the book.

Dutch cover

English cover

 Buy your own copy here:

‘My Archive’ Book: The History of Denim by Antonio di Battista

Antonio di Battista is an Italian designer who is involved in the denim business for more than 20 years. As a young teenager his passion already started for denim, so it was natural that he would became one of the most passionated persons in the industry. On his frequent trips to U.S.A. and Japan he found the most rare and beautiful indigo denim pieces which result is an archive with more than 3.000 historical pieces. Some while ago Antonio told me that he want to make a book with some selected treasures of his archive. A few months later he hooked up with Crackers Magazine and his first book is a fact: ‘My Archive’. The book is filled with old patched and repaired items from the area 1900 till 1950. This area is also my personal favourite.

Below some pages from this amazing book. Many thanks for sharing your incredible archive trough this inspiring book Antonio, it’s really nice! Very proud to add this gift in my personal book collection. Check also his own authentic denim brand ‘Blue Blanket’. Keep in touch!

Antonio di BattistaPhoto by Cory Piehowicz

”My Archive” Book: The History of Denim from 1900 – 1950 &