Dutch Artist Wytse Sterk (GoSterk)

Wytse Sterk (GoSterk) is a true craftsman when it comes to design for the rock ‘n roll, lifestyle, tattoo and music scene. His authentic skills are one of a kind. He made a lot of great posters for the famous Dutch underground club Vera. All handmade on the old school way. Attached is a video were you can see it for yourself. Wytse was also involved into my latest collab tee, he was responsible for the design. It was a honour that he wanted to work with me. Check the work of this great artist here below. GoSterk!

Wytse Sterk

Check the great video were you can see how Wytse Sterk do his authentic screen printing job! (Sorry only Dutch language) 


Japanese Town Logo’s with Kanji

Tsuchiura (Ibaraki): The kanji 土 (tsuchi) represents a flower and the waves on Lake Kasumigaura

Ōme (Tōkyō): The kanji 青 (ao) and plum blossom (ume) signify 青梅 (Ōme)

Hitachi (Ibaraki): A flower-shaped 立 (tachi) kanji inside a circle representing the kanji 日 (hi)

Kanazawa (Ishikawa): The kanji 金 (kana) inside a plum blossom, the Maeda clan symbol

Azumino (Nagano): The kanji 安 (an), the first character in 安曇野 (Azumino)

Akita: The kanji 田 (ta) symbolizing arrows, a reference to Akita Castle

Hachinohe (Aomori): The kanji 八戸 (Hachinohe) in the shape of a crane (head and wings)

Takatsuki (Ōsaka): The kanji 高 (taka)

Yūbari (Hokkaidō): The kanji 夕 () inside a hexagon representing coal


Ruedi Karrer (Jeansmuseum Swiss)

Last week I met Ruedi Karrer from Swiss in Berlin. A really nice guy with a rare passion for denim. He starts collecting denim from 1973 and has a huge private collection with more than 12.000 items, 7.000 jeans and 5.000 denim jacks! His collection contains, besides the big three; Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler, many brands such as April77, Edwin, Evisu, Blue Blood, Nudie, Denim Demon, Pike Brothers, Iron Heart, Carhartt, Denime, ALD, Naked & Famous, Lois, Pepe, Denham, Big Star, Flathead, Lee Cooper, Replay, Diesel, Rifle, Samurai, Studio d’Artisan, Sugarcane, Warehouse and many more…

Especially the good worn-out ones he likes to collect. Never throw away your raw denim rags, but send Ruedi an email (ruedi.karrer@sunrise.ch), so he can add it to his collection. Your beloved items can survive for ever at his safe place.

Ruedi is working to open a jeansmuseum in the little mountains of Swiss. He send me some pics yesterday to give me a sneak about his project. More coming soon! Keep in contact Ruedi! (BTW, the LONG JOHN anchor shirt is on your way.)


(New site is coming later this year)

Victor Sonna ”I love my Land”

Ok, one more post before I go to Italy. It’s a super piece of art from my friend Victor Sonna. He made a 3 meters high object from bicycle saddles which has the vorm of Holland. He links the saddles to the famous way of travelling in Holland, but more important, it’s his vision of Love. The wheels have to be in the same direction to get forward.  You can see it by yourself from the 15th of  june till the 19th of august at Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag (Holland). Nice work Victor!