25 Years Old Lee Jeans X Worn-Out Projects

Received some nice pics from Arie who repaired his Lee Jeans more than 60 times during the age of 25 years of his denim. The jeans was first owned by a good friend of Arie who asked him if he could do some repairs. In those times Arie did this all by hand because he hadn’t a good sewing machine. After years of repairing he bought a machine to do more repairs, also for other friends, and below you see the result of repairing a denim more than 60 times in 25 years! Last year Arie got the denim as a present after such great work all these years. In his sparetime he is still rockin this good old Lee Jeans. Great story and well done!


  • Owner: Arie van den Berg from Rotterdam (Holland).
  • Brand: Lee Riders Jeans
  • Age: More than 25 years old
  • Treatment: Repaired more than 60 times with all kind of different denim rags.


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